A house divided by itself cannot stand
— Abraham Lincoln

Humans are both similar and dis-similar. We have the same biological need to connect to others on a social and emotional level, yet we have different stories, uniquely shaped by our environment, nature and nurture.  

Our brains, immature at birth, are developed by events and relationships: we learn through making meanings from our experiences, by connecting the missing dots.  It both shapes our past and actively allows us to re-create ourselves.

We embody our history and use language as symbols of thought, for example, referring to people as ‘open or closed' just like a book. Packed full of meaning, lying dormant, often beyond words, our stories are emotionally charged. It takes energy to keep a lid on painful feelings.

Stressful and traumatic events, left unprocessed, can throw us off balance, making it harder to relate in a healthy way to our emotions.  We may battle on alone or spin in all directions. Yet even a building can weather only so many storms before wear-and-tear sets in, and cracks once hidden, begin to show.  

Often, lack of reflective time and not wanting to burden others, together with a sense of disconnection between past and present can keep us focused on today’s problems and symptoms.  Yet anxiety, depression and other behaviours can creep in, creating negative ripple effects on our relationships, jobs and health.

Working with a private therapist offers you choice and flexibility to explore in your own time and within a supportive relationship issues weighing you down and how you can move forward.  You get to focus on the outcomes you want and in a style which suits you, in essence, your prescription is personal rather than formulaic.  

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